where shall we begin

What happened to the original Tiffany Shepis Fixation or Tiffany Shepis Seduction? It was deleted by tripod sometime during march of 2007.

Who is Tiffany Shepis? Well she is an independent movie actress. She is also a pretty good model in my eyes. She has been in many different movies and has developed a cult following both online and worldwide.

When did you first discover Tiffany Shepis? I discovered her back in 1997 when I did a search for gothic and fantasy art. Copperhead discovered her from a site I had on Tiffany Shepis, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Joy Berhman.

What is Team Copperhead? It is a union of myself machizmo and copperhead as web designers to make sites to our liking and to support common interests. We split back in in early 2000 and then reunited in 2005. All further wallpapers of shepis will have team copperhead on them, not just the former machizmo.

Do you know Tiffany Shepis? Good question but no I have never met her in real life. I like to keep the mystical part of fame and let those I admire remain celebs and not try to ruin it like so many documentaries do today. I have though talked to her online a good while back.

Why did you make this site? Actually I did not but copperhead did to start his own Tiffany Shepis site. I ended up putting a link to it on my Tiffany Shepis site I had at the time. I let him use wallpapers I have made and he has helped me make and modify them. I also let him use any of my pics of Shepis from my site. When I lost my site on Tiffany Shepis he allowed me to join in webmastering this site after he had helped me with some of my others sites I possessed at the time.

What do you hope to do with this site? Do the same thing I did with my other site, help more people discover Tiffany Shepis. I do not care if it becomes as popular as the original Tiffany Shepis Fixation but if I help others discover Tiffany J. Shepis then it has served its purpose.

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